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The only space left

Mar 08, 2014 - Mooji Quote - 0 Comments - Standard

… you still kept the sense of a “me,” an “i/me.” You wanted something to take care of the “me,” but the “me” and the “problem” are connected; that’s why I say: “you must leave also the me.” And the only way you can leave the “me” – the only space left – is to be AWARENESS.

The most precious

Mar 15, 2014 - Mooji Quote - 0 Comments - Standard

Your I Am is the most precious thing in the world. Don’t give it to anything, don’t combine it with anything. Keep it pure and un-associated and be in the living dynamic remembrance of that. Being one with it, you overcome everything, you transcend the mind. There is nothing more valuable, beyond value even, priceless, […]


Mar 16, 2014 - Mooji Quote - 0 Comments - Standard

The Real cannot be discovered outside yourself. All that which appears through the body, mind and senses is phenomenal and time-bound. Don’t try to become the Self. While the seeker is busy trying to reach the Self, he misses the goal of his search, which is already complete and ever present as his inner-most Being. […]

One with IS-ness

Jun 13, 2014 - Mooji Quote, Mooji Video - 0 Comments - Standard

Rather than putting attention on what is not true, put attention on what is true. When you say ‘|’, it denotes consciousness …. but, almost always we are taking ‘I’ to be a person. So, it’s called the corruption of ‘|’ If you keep the natural sense – I AM… just the natural way in […]