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Satsang with Mooji:
INTERNATIONAL LIBERATION DAY FOR WOMEN (from the same Guy!) –8th March 2014

Timestamp 02:00:32
… you still kept the sense of a “me,” an “i/me.”
You wanted something to take care of the “me,”
but the “me” and the “problem” are connected;
that’s why I say: “you must leave also the me.”
And the only way you can leave the “me”
– the only space left – is to be AWARENESS.

Because the “me” has captured all the other tangible
spaces it’s made the world a claustrophobic place.

And one of the worst things that can happen is
when the person feels cornered;
then aggression will come, because they cannot
let go of themselves, there is no space to go.

Actually this is a very potent phase in your awakening,
because now you are finding a new space;
the space of AWARENESS.

Yes. Because with AWARENESS you are free of identity – immediately.

The one who is identified as the body-mind conditioning
is not aware of the option of AWARENESS;
it always fights from the position of identity.

The one who is free perceives identity as a phenomenon;
it perceives identity as an illusion.

You are introduced to that space in yourSelf.
It is always here,
but until you are aware of it
it is not available.

Now you are aware of AWARENESS.