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The main thing that we are coming
here to understand is only to find out who I am.

And this we have not done it,
you see, before, any time.

And this question has to be solved,
and we have postponed it.
Everybody has postponed it.

Millions of years have past
in these postponements.

And here, we are not going to postpone it,
first of all, and there’s no method also,
why postpone?

There’s no method prescribed here.
Simply find out, “Who am I?”

It’s not a method, it’s not a practice,
it’s not a sadhana.

It can be done here, now, in this instant.
Because Self is here.

After all, what’s Enlightenment?
To know Thyself.

To know ‘Who I Am’,
this is called Enlightenment.

This is called Wisdom, and this is Bliss.
And this is Existence, and this is Being.
And this is Truth.

Truth is not located at a distance.

Your own Self,
through which you are searching Truth,
through which you are searching Freedom,
is not away from here.

It is within you,
nearer than your own breath,
even behind the retina of your eyes,
that you can’t even see,
you need not see outside even,
it is behind the retina,
through which the retina sees.

So, you need no effort to see it.

So, when you, when you still all activities,
when you don’t do anything,
when you don’t think any thought,
when you don’t stir any thought from the mind ground,
when you don’t move, don’t move the mind,
don’t stir a single thought,
in an instant of time you are free.

When you give rise to any sadhana, any practice,
to go to any center, to go to any ashram,
to go to any teacher, to go to any pilgrimage,
to go to any church, make any prayer,
you have postponed it.
And you have done it!

Now be free of all these things.

Because free you have been.
Free you are.

You cannot achieve anything,
what you are not already.

Anything gained afresh,
anything achieved for the first time,
anything new to you,
you are certainly going to lose it
because it was not there at all.

Anything that you have, which is natural,
that is already there.

Do not try to achieve anything,
regain anything, attain anything,
which is not already there.

So, it’s not a fresh gain.

Some people think, “At the end of
the sadhana I am going to be free.”
It’s not that.

You are looking after,
for something else, not freedom.
Freedom is already there.

So, when you make an attempt,
or practice, or any sadhana,
this is going to camouflage it and cover it,
and that covering you have to remove
because it is you who have covered it.

You have to uncover your effort.
When all efforts, all attempts
are done away with, all attempts done away with,
all intentions, all ideations,
all notions have done away with,
at that time question, “Who am I?”

Surely you will get the answer.

So, this is how freedom is already attained
and you are already free.

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