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0:00 Nisargadatta Maharaj was a spiritual
0:02 teacher of non-duality who lived and
0:04 taught in Bombay India is very much
0:07 admired force-directed informal teaching
0:09 his most famous for the work i am that
0:11 non-duality also known as advised that
0:15 means not to this one this is a
0:18 fundamental quality of everything
0:19 everything is a part of and made of one
0:22 non-dual consciousness often the
0:24 question arises if it is all one thing
0:27 why don’t I experienced it that way
0:29 this is confusing oneness for the
0:31 appearance of sameness things can appear
0:34 different without being separate just
0:37 look at your hand for a moment
0:39 your fingers are all different from each
0:40 other but are they separate they all
0:42 arise from the same hand
0:44 similarly the objects animals plants and
0:47 people in the world are all definitely
0:48 different in their appearance and
0:49 functioning but they are all connected
0:51 at their source they come from the same
0:54 source this one being that is behind all
0:58 life has an infinite number of different
1:00 expressions that we experience as
1:03 different objects from endless aa.com we
1:08 are the creators and creatures of each
1:09 other causing and bearing each other’s
1:11 burden i find that somehow by shifting
1:14 the focus of attention i become the very
1:16 thing I look at and experience the kind
1:18 of consciousness it has become the inner
1:21 witness of the thing i’ll call this
1:23 capacity of entering other focal points
1:25 of consciousness love you may give it
1:28 any name you like Love says I’m
1:31 everything wisdom says i’m nothing
1:34 between the two my life flows since I
1:37 any point of time and space i can be
1:39 both the subject and the object of
1:41 experience express it by saying that I
1:44 am both and neither and beyond both
1:49 acquired to mind is all you need all
1:52 else will happen rightly once your mind
1:54 is quiet as the Sun rising makes the
1:57 world active soda self-awareness effect
2:00 changes in the mind in the light of calm
2:03 and steady self-awareness inner energies
2:05 wake up and work miracles without any
2:07 effort on your part
2:09 the world is like a sheet of paper on
2:13 which something is typed the reading and
2:16 the meaning will vary with the reader
2:17 but the papers the common factor always
2:20 present rarely perceived when the ribbon
2:23 is removed typing leaves no trace on the
2:25 paper so is my mind the impressions keep
2:28 on coming but no traces left there’s no
2:33 such thing as a person they’re only
2:35 restrictions and limitations the sum
2:37 total of these defines the person the
2:40 person merely appears to be like the
2:42 space within the pot appears to have the
2:44 shape and volume and smell the pot by
2:48 all means attend to your duties action
2:50 in which you are not emotionally
2:51 involved in which is beneficial and does
2:53 not cause suffering will not bind you
2:55 you may be engaged in several directions
2:58 and work with enormous zest it remain in
3:00 worldly free and quiet with a
3:02 mirror-like mind which reflects all
3:04 without being affected to expand and
3:08 propagate concept is simple to drop all
3:11 concepts is difficult and rare there’s
3:15 nothing to practice to know yourself be
3:17 yourself to be yourself stop imagining
3:20 yourself to be this or that just be let
3:23 your true nature emerged don’t disturb
3:25 your mind is seeking the consciousness
3:30 in you and a consciousness and me
3:32 apparently to really one security and
3:35 that is love there was a house in the
3:38 house there was a person now the person
3:40 is gone and the houses demolished the
3:43 sum total is whatever experiences you
3:45 have weather for a day or four years it
3:48 is an illusion experiences begin with
3:50 knowingness what is the most ingrained
3:52 habit you have it is to say i am this is
3:56 the route Abbott words and experiences
3:59 are unworthy of you
4:01 this habit of experiencing will not go
4:03 into you realize that all this domain of
4:05 the five elements are unreal this I
4:08 amnis in itself
4:10 unreal start with the body from the body
4:16 you get the knowledge of i am in this
4:18 process you become more and more subtle
4:20 when you are in a position to witness
4:22 the knowledge I am
4:24 you’ve reached the highest in this way
4:26 you must try to understand and the seeds
4:28 of knowledge will sprout in you when you
4:31 come to the end of the material world
4:32 knowledge at that stage you transcend
4:35 the observer and the observed that means
4:38 that you are a true state of beingness
4:40 there after you enter the state of
4:43 transcending beingness where the
4:45 identities of the observer and observed
4:47 disappear
4:48 who is the one who recognizes this body
4:54 mind this I amnis which recognizes the
4:57 body mind is without name and form it is
5:00 already there life ceases to be a task
5:05 and becomes natural and simple in itself
5:08 an ecstasy from Mississauga that net
5:13 once you know with absolute certainty
5:16 that nothing can trouble you but your
5:18 own imagination you come to disregard
5:20 your desires and fears concepts and
5:22 ideas and live by truth alone there’s no
5:26 need of a way out
5:27 don’t you see that a way out is also
5:29 part of the dream all you have to do is
5:31 to see the dream as a dream
5:33 you’re not the body the body is in you
5:37 the mind is in you they happen to you
5:40 they are there because you find them
5:42 interesting your sincerity will guide
5:47 you
5:48 devotion to the goal of freedom and
5:49 perfection will make you abandon all
5:51 theories and systems and live by the
5:54 wisdom intelligence an act of love there
5:57 is maybe good as starting points but
5:59 must be abandoned the sooner the better
6:01 there’s no chaos in the world except the
6:04 cast with your mind creates itself
6:06 created in the sense that it’s very
6:08 center is the false idea of oneself as I
6:11 think different and separate from other
6:13 things
6:14 in reality you’re not a thing nor
6:16 separate time is in the mind spaces in
6:22 the mind the law of cause and effect is
6:24 also a way of thinking in reality all is
6:27 here and now and all is one multiplicity
6:30 and diversity or in the mind only if you
6:35 could only keep quiet
6:36 clear memories and expectations would be
6:38 able to discern the beautiful patterns
6:40 of events at your restlessness that
6:42 causes chaos there’s no such thing as an
6:48 expression of reality you’re introducing
6:50 a duality where there is not only
6:52 reality is there’s nothing else just
6:55 watch events happening knowing them to
6:57 be unreal learn to look without
7:02 imagination to listen without distortion
7:05 that is all
7:06 stop attribute names and shapes to the
7:08 essentially nameless and formless
7:10 realize that every mode of perception is
7:12 subjective that what is seen or heard
7:14 touched or smelt filter thought expected
7:17 or imagined is in the mind and not in
7:19 reality and you experience peace and
7:22 freedom from fear my actual experience
7:27 is not different is my evaluation and
7:29 attitude that differ i see the same
7:31 world as you do but not in the same way
7:33 there’s nothing mysterious about it
7:35 everybody sees the world through the
7:38 idea he has of himself as you think
7:40 yourself to be so you think the world to
7:42 be if you imagine yourself as separate
7:45 from the world the world will appear a
7:47 separate from you and you experience
7:49 desire and fear i do not see the world
7:52 is separate from me and so there’s
7:53 nothing for me to desire or fear quotes
7:59 from living unbound dotnet
8:03 do not undervalue attention it means
8:06 interest and also love to know to do you
8:09 discover or to create you must give your
8:11 heart to it which means attention all
8:14 the blessings flow from it if you can
8:20 change yourself you will find that no
8:22 other changes needed to change the
8:24 picture you merely change the film you
8:26 do not attack the cinema screen clarify
8:29 your mind purify your heart Sanctifier
8:32 life this is the quickest way this is
8:34 the quickest way to a change of your
8:36 world to be a living being is not the
8:42 ultimate state there’s something beyond
8:45 much more wonderful which is neither
8:46 being nor non-being neither living nor
8:49 nonliving it is a state of pure
8:51 awareness beyond limitations of space
8:53 and time people are afraid to die
8:58 because they do not know what is death
9:00 the moment you know your real being you
9:02 are afraid of nothing death gives
9:04 freedom and power the happiness of being
9:07 absolutely free is beyond description
9:09 desire is a memory of pleasure and fears
9:15 the memory of pain both make the mind
9:18 restless want the best the highest
9:24 happiness the greatest freedom
9:25 desireless pneus is the highest this my
9:29 experience is that everything is bliss
9:31 but the desire for bliss creates pain is
9:34 bliss becomes the seat of pain when
9:38 historical data talked can be likened to
9:40 what never got are taught in the promise
9:42 when we hunger for more than the shadow
9:45 toys and Caesars world and we return to
9:49 that perfect eternal body where we will
9:51 know each other even more intimately
9:53 than we did even on earth

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