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“Faith builds up, fear destroys.”

Well-Being is our true nature.

Well-Being is the inner Presence that positively arranges the affairs of our Life.

Well-Being is Love, Wisdom and Power.

Well-Being is always present and ready for us, but cannot operate when we hold on to our person, and waste our attention.

Your person is not your Self, but all ideas you accumulated, entertain and belief to be real.

BEing, empty of person, opens up space for Well-Being to operate.

At one point your person is all you know; and despite its heavy weight you hang on to it, for life.

It requires faith and vigilance to BE without your person, so that Well-Being can show the way.

Every thought and feeling related to fear, doubt and limitation comes from the person and can be dropped, if you are sincere.

It is not a strenuous path, put a joyful recognition of Well-Being.

Be aware that your person fears for its little life and is very clever in resisting Well-Being.

For a long time our person is like an incubator, until we develop our spiritual muscles of discernment.

Your most important power is your awareness. Without honoring it you cannot be creative, you are just busy putting out fires.

“Where the attention goes the energy flows.”

Well-Being is deeper than “fun” or “feeling good.” :: 04/13/2016